History of Purple Robotics

Purple Robotics is founded by a team of three super nerds coming out of Universal Robots R&D, with a total of 18 years of experience developing the UR3, UR5 and UR10 almost from the birth of Universal Robots. The team saw how the demand for collaborative robot applications is growing intensively, and with that also the lack of safe and collaborative tooling. There is a high demand for collaborative robot applications in the global industry, and to build a collaborative robot application require that both robot and tooling must be applicable for collaborative operation. That is exactly what products from Purple Robotics are. Collaborative products from Purple Robotics are made for both easy and safe human-machine interaction, as in:

  • Safe collaborative operation with humans
  • Easy installation and risk assessment
  • Plug-and-play, production running within 30 min
  • Flexible off-the-shelf

Purple Robotics Team

Founders background

Lasse Kieffer, former Global Compliance Officer and safety electronics engineer of Universal Robots with more than 9 years of experience with international standardization of robot safety, and more than 12 years of experience designing robotic power drives and safety electronics. Lasse is also the chairman of the Danish national committee S-850 under Danish Standards, which is responsible for the Danish votes and participation in development of international safety standards for robots and robotic equipment, e.g. ISO/TC 299.

Henrik Tillitz Hansen, former R&D Manager and Tech Lead of hardware at Universal Robots starting off by designing the popular UR3 robot, and continuing in the deep R&D with the development of new and currently undisclosed technology. Henrik also have 7 years of experience designing robot applications with vacuum grippers for Bosch, giving him an experience record in robotics of more than 12 years.

Peter Nadolny Madsen, former Category Manager and safety software developer of Universal Robots with more than 6 years of experience with software conforming to the tough reliability requirements for robotic safety products and TÜV certification. Peters experience as Category Manager also includes a deep experience with strategic procurement.

Vision for the future

Purple Robotics seeks to minimize integration time of collaborative robots by providing top quality easy-touse end-of-arm tooling, without compromising customer experience and collaborative safety requirements. Purple Robotics aims to be the nr 1 choice for the integrator who wish to grow faster, by minimizing both economical risk and integration time.

Why Purple?

Because every time you see the color purple, you should think of us!
Not only is purple a beautiful color, but it is a color that takes courage to use. We often get the question “why is your company name Purple?” We want people to remember us, and we want to make a difference by doing things differently. Now you know; so now you remember. Think purple - Be purple - Stay purple!

Meet us at IMTS 2018 

Chicago, September 10th-15th
Find us with Universal Robots A/S
North Building, Level 3, Booth 236861

Meet us at R-18

Odense Congress Center, September 11th-13th,
Read more about our PR10 at R-18 here


See PR10 with our partners at the following exhibitions:


28th: Southwest Regional Robotics Summit, Tucson, AZ
Partner: In-Position Technologies


10th-15th: IMTS 2018, Mccormick Place, Chicago, USA
Partner: Universal Robots A/S
Booth: 236861

11th-13th: R-18 Robotics Technology, Odense Congress Center, Denmark
Partners: Several distributors

11th-13th: Automatik, Brøndby Hallen, Denmark
Partner: Technicon ApS
Booth: 1570

18th-20th: Technical Industrial Trade Fair (TIV), Hardenberg, Nederland
Partner: Olmia Robotics

19th-20th: Empack & Logistics, Expornor, Porto, Portugal
Partner: EPL Mecatrónica & Robótica
Booth: B4

25th-27th: RoboBusiness Expo, Santa Clara, CA
Partner: In-Position Technologies

25th-27th: SEPEM, Avignon, France
Partner: HMI-MBS

26th-27th: Medical Technology, Galway, Ireland
Partner: Innovative Total Solution Ltd.


3th-4th: EMPACK Brussel, Brussel, Belgium
Partner: Gibas
Booth: BO54

4th: 2018 SOCOM Summit, Colorado Springs, CO
Partner: In-Position Technologies

8th-11th: Motek, Stuttgart, Germany
Partner: i-botics
Partner: NEXT Robotics

16th: 2nd Cobotic Forum, Wroclaw, Polen
Partner: Encon Koester

16th-20th: Fakuma, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Partner: i-botics

17th-18th: AmCon 2018 – Salt Lake City, Salt lake City, UT
Partner: In-Position Technologies

17th-19th: Japan Robot week, Tokyio, Japan
Partner: Grine Planning

24th: AZTech Expo 2018, Tucson, AZ
Partner: In-Position Technologies

24th-25th: Robot4Manufacturing, La Roche Sur Yon, France
Partner: HMI-MBS

30th-Nov 01: METAVAK, Gorinchem, Nederland
Partner: Olmia Robotics
Partner: Gibas


14th-15th: Precision Fair, Veldhoven, Nederland
Partner: Gibas

21th-24th: EMAF, Expornor, Porto, Portugal
Partner: EPL Mecatrónica & Robótica

26th-29th: All4pack, Paris, France
Partner: HMI-MBS

January 2019

17th: National Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Dublin, Ireland
Partner: Innovative Total Solution Ltd.

February 2019

6th-8th: Indumation.be, Kortrijk, Belgium
Partner: Gibas

April 2019

3th-4th: EMPACK Den Bosch, Den Bosch, Nederland
Partner: Gibas